Gigya Helping TNT Viewers Share Through Facebook and MySpace

The TNT television network turned their coverage of sporting events social recently, inviting fans to log on through Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to watch recent NBA games and NASCAR races online. In order to give users the option to plug into all three services, TNT used the Gigya Socialize widget, which integrates all three services into a single stream.

Of the three services, the most users logged into Facebook. However, though fewer people were logging in through MySpace, they were sending the most messages, accounting for as much as 53% of chatter during the NBA games and 44% during the NASCAR race.

Here’s how the numbers broke down:

Nascar on TNT (Pocono 500) Users:
MySpace: 27%
Facebook: 54%
Twitter: 19%

Nascar on TNT (Pocono 500) Messages:
MySpace: 44%
Facebook: 37%
Twitter: 18%

NBA Eastern Conference Finals Users (average of all games):
MySpace: 40%
Facebook: 48%
Twitter: 12%

NBA Eastern Conference Finals Messages (average of all games):
MySpace: 53%
Facebook: 35%
Twitter: 12%

Turner Networks, which owns and operates TNT, also implmented a major partnership with Facebook before and during coverage of the Presidential Inauguration on, and more recently during the NBA All-Star Game. By adding MySpace and Twitter, the network has obviously opened up the service to more users. More importantly, MySpace users, especially those logging in for the NASCAR race, have sparked more chatter, which is what the Gigya service is intended to enable.