GigaOM Network Turns 4

The GigaOM Network turned four yesterday. You know it as the home of the closely followed, Silicon Valley-based GigaOM blog (#40 on Technorati’s top 100 today), as well as six other blogs including earth2Tech, NewTeeVee, and Web Worker Daily.
Founded by former, Red Herring, and Business 2.0 technology writer Om Malik, the network, which also issues private (paid) research reports and hosts conferences, has $6 million in funding from venture capitalists and angel investors (according to Crunchbase).
On GigaOm, Malik writes that the past four years have witnessed the decreasing weight of traditional tech magazines and the increasing relevance of sites like his:

The whiplash-inducing speed of change is what we love the most about the technology business. The media that covered the tech industry is going through a change itself. The emergence of blogs and Twitter have helped reduce the gap between readers and those the media writes about. It was inevitable that news (or information) would eventually route itself around the institutions in the middle. It is no different than the airline industry or what happened to stock brokers. And like those industries, we need to find a way to provide value for our readers. Or as Slim Charles, an enforcer for Avon Barksdale on The Wire said: ‘The game is the same, just more fierce.’