Gifts, Video, Coupons, Quizzes, Friends and More on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps

Aside from the usual dose of Turkish video applications, there were some new and interesting titles on our list of the top 20 emerging Facebook apps by monthly active user. In addition, there was a virtual gift app, Involver’s coupon app for Pages, another custom tab app, an explicitly sexual app, a Turkish sweepstakes app, a friend app and a quiz creation app.

The apps on our list grew from between 121,300 and 490,000 MAU. Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Super Texas Holdem Poker 752,705 +490,007 +187%
2. It Girl Community 767,457 +352,518 +85%
3. Super Mario Bros 504,391 +322,579 +177%
4. Feevo 518,014 +192,242 +59%
5. Akıllı Tv Video 328,476 +190,857 +139%
6. Super Mario 3 749,893 +178,261 +31%
7. Okey Plus 985,869 +175,585 +22%
8. Pieces of Flair 609,162 +175,200 +40%
9. Coupons for Pages 309,078 +170,758 +123%
10. Hero City 382,583 +166,375 +77%
11. Sohbeti Arkadaşlık 523,198 +155,376 +42%
12. Yıldız Cellocanlar 178,260 +150,098 +533%
13. VideoGezegeni 696,074 +146,834 +27%
14. Battle Pirates 560,457 +140,792 +34%
15. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE 595,784 +140,120 +31%
16. My Tab 949,670 +136,424 +17%
17. Global Warfare 362,141 +127,710 +54%
18. Quiz Creator 347,639 +126,266 +57%
19. BomBom 330,967 +123,285 +59%
20. Friends Who Always Be There For Me 587,897 +121,282 +26%

The most interesting application on the list this week for its aggressive viral tactics was Quiz Creator, with 126,300 MAU. The app may be used by individuals, not just Page owners, and allows users to create customized quizzes. You get to chose whether it’s a personality or competitive quiz, name the quiz, add a description, choose the language, whether men/women/friends/everyone can take it, add photos, create your 5 (or more) questions and add photos, create your answers, create the responses to your quiz results, then publish to the stream.

What’s interesting here is that the app appears to publish a feed story every single time you take an action within the app, such that at the end, there are literally nine feed stories that have been generated about your quiz. We expect Facebook to take action soon.

Elsewhere on the list, Turkish video apps this week included  Akıllı Tv Video with 190,900 MAU,  Sohbeti Arkadaşlık with a 155,400 MAU and VideoGezegeni with 146,800 MAU. The apps are similar in their mechanics in that they allow users to view, Like, share and comment on videos; VideoGezegeni automatically posts daily videos to your feed, while Sohbeti Arkadaşlık is an overtly sexual app that publishes vulgar videos to your stream upon use.

Pieces of Flair is an app that promises to let its mostly female users create buttons, send gifts to friends and otherwise use virtual gifts, growing by 175,200 MAU. Involver’s Coupons for Pages app grew by 170,800 MAU but is only available to Involver customers to create coupons for their Pages. The My Tab app, however, grew by 136,400 MAU and allows any Page administrator to create a customized tab for their Page.

Finally, what appears to be a Turkish sweepstakes app,  Yıldız Cellocanlar, grew by 150,100 MAU, partly by publishing a feed story with its use. And, the Friends Who Always Be There For Me is a friend app that grew by 121,300 MAU and publishes a photo with a user’s most frequently interacted with friends, tagging them all, thus increasing virality.