Gifting Apps Stand Out on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Windows Live Messenger leads this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing games by daily active users, but in percentage terms, that’s not a huge win; as Facebook’s largest non-game app by DAU, Live Messenger only needed to add 7 percent to its total to grow by 450,497 DAU.

Here’s the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Windows Live Messenger6,777,464+450,497+7%
2. Quiz Planet1,293,195+374,865+41%
3. Give Hearts1,536,661+295,738+24%
4. It Girl667,900+265,230+66%
5. @Smiles1,168,187+253,874+28%
6. Texas HoldEm Poker6,437,660+248,168+4%
7. @Hugs1,086,615+222,338+26%
8. Formspring539,352+201,796+60%
9. FarmVille17,224,839+192,627+1%
10. @Hearts1,061,085+183,806+21%
11. Monster World912,297+177,266+24%
12. Frases Diarias1,132,980+162,572+17%
13. Chi Ti Segue165,875+152,284+1,120%
14. Birthday Cards552,635+142,022+35%
15. iHeart926,610+137,490+17%
16. Mafia Wars Game4,195,918+127,431+3%
17. Is Cool611,743+125,482+26%
18. Millionaire City2,313,093+125,031+6%
19. Warstorm257,367+115,199+81%
20. Instant Jam107,254+104,541+3,853%

Quiz Planet, by CrowdStar, comes in second with 374,865 new DAU. Like It Girl, a CrowdStar game, Quiz Planet’s rise in DAU is from increased stickiness, or the proportion of existing monthly active users who return on a daily basis. Slowdowns in growth could be causing this effect, as the apps settle down to the previous new users that they managed to retain.

Give Hearts, @Smiles, @Hugs and @Hearts are all molasses-sweet gifting apps that are doing spectacularly well — all four have shown that they can consistently hold onto over a million DAU, which used to be unusual for their category. The latter three, as you can tell from their names, are all by @Apps.

At number eight, Formspring is making major strides in DAU, despite not having gained any MAU on average over the past month. The question-and-answer website is well known among teenagers, but still securing its place on Facebook, where it asks users to install the application as a tab to send and receive questions as a more integrated part of Facebook.