Gift Creator Lets You Make Your own Gifting App

Gift Creator is a new application on Facebook that lets you create your own gifting application. It works much like the Quiz Creator applications that gained popularity last year, and there is in fact a quiz creator option within the Gift Creator app. It’s easier to use than the Gift Creator option, and doesn’t require any additional downloads.

The Gift Creator option, however, will require that you install The Facebook Developer App, since you are effectively creating an application that acts almost autonomously within the Facebook platform. You won’t need any programming skills in order to complete the application or the installation. All you need to create a gifting app is a title, a description and an image. Each image you upload represents a single gift. Facebook users can send this gift to their friends.

In this regard, the gifting app you create on Gift Creator acts as any other gifting app on Facbook. Since you don’t have full control over the app’s look and feel, or the level of integration within the Facebook platform, it’s going to be difficult to leverage the app for raising money or earning you money via advertising or otherwise. It doesn’t appear that there’s an option for selling gifts through Gift Creator, though that would be a powerful incentive for users that would like to take advantage of the gifting economy that’s playing out on social networks.

Gift Creator does, however, have an incentive for inviting friends. So for every application that’s created, a slew of invites can easily be sent out to friends on Facebook, effectively spamming a number of other users. This violates the Facebook Terms of Service, especially as Facebook has continually modified the terms restricting spam-like behavior.

It does appear that Gift Creator has some built in mechanisms that curb some spam behavior when it comes to actual gifting to friends. The app you create acts just like any other application running on Facebook’s platform, meaning that sharing behavior is regulated based on the popularity of your app, the amount of content available to gift to others, and the number of friends that a gift can be sent to.

If you want to create your own gifts application, then go install the application. Don’t be surprised if the Gift Creator gets shut down anytime soon though for offering incentivized invites.