Gift Card Grinches Still on LA County Payroll


Everyday is a holiday at the LA County Dept. of Children and Family Services, and that holiday is always Christmas–especially if you’re one of the Gift Card Four. D. Heimpel follows up his first LA Weekly piece, but alas, all four grifter gifters are still on the job. Can’t just fire a country employee, ya know.

And the county refuses to name the sticky fingered civil servants, citing rules and regulations, but really CYAing.

The stonewalling supervisors might want to hear from interested citizens:

Director Patricia Ploehn, (213) 351-5602
Chief Deputy Director Susan Kerr 213-738-4108
Mentoring section head, William Gay, 213 351-0106,
His supervisor, Jennifer Hottenroth,(213)351-5775

Hottenroth has quite a history of coverups.

Kerr’s been on the job for a year or two, and has already discovered the overtime scam, the toner scam, and before that, the TriCity bankruptcy. She’s got the worst luck, poor thing.

Call your local member of the Board of Supervisors, and suggest that they bulldoze the whole department and start over.

LA Weekly Names Grifting Country Workers: Gift Card Four