Gibbs’ Christmas Eve Tweet Conference

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs hosted an impromptu Tweet conference on Christmas Eve, answering questions about everything from what the President’s reading to taxes and the deficit. A sample of the Q&A from ABC News’ Political Punch blog:

@MichaelShatz: China and Europe invest twice the percentage of GDP as we do, in infrastructure; how will we compete?

Gibbs: US must invest more in infrastructure – from roads and bridges to high speed rail – will also put folks back to work

@wrightus: How’s the president’s basketball injury?

Gibbs: His lip is fully recovered and i’d guess he’ll be back on the court in Hawaii

@patriot_4_ever: Why does your admin continue to lie that tax cuts cost $$$? You can’t spend money you don’t have.

Gibbs: Regardless of your views, you have to admit extending tax cuts above $250k adds to the deficit

You can read more on Twitter, @PressSec.

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