Gibbon Launches Playlist-Based Learning App on iPad


Dutch education technology startup Gibbon has today announced the launch of its iPad app, which allows users to share playlists full of educational content with others. These playlists contain links to articles and videos found around the web, and can focus on everything from solving a Rubik’s Cube to mastering photography or learning to code an iOS application. This app release comes after the successful release of the Gibbon website in January.

With Gibbon, users create an account and are shown some popular playlists they might like to experience. From there, users can browse the app’s other playlists, which are created by other users (called teachers by the app). These playlists of content can contain notes from the teachers, explaining why the content was chosen for inclusion in the playlist, or why the information is important in general.

Since playlists can be created on a variety of topics, they’re arranged in overall categories to make finding playlists a bit easier. These categories include science, photography, design, career, life hacking, programming, startups and marketing. Users can search for topics manually, and also browse the newest playlists on the service, as well as those that are featured or are the most popular overall. Playlists are listed alongside markers for how many chapters they contain, as well as the number of users currently “learning” the topic.

When someone becomes a “student” of a particular playlist, updates to those playlists (like the addition of a new chapter) are shown on their activity feed. When reading or viewing an individual chapter within a playlist, users are taken to an in-app browser, so they always have access to the overall Gibbon experience, even while learning from a third-party source.

“We believe almost all the knowledge is already available on web, all you need is someone to guide you to it,” says Wouter de Bres, co-founder & designer of Gibbon, in a statement. “Gibbon is all about casual learning. The couch in combination with the Gibbon iPad app is the perfect way to get smarter.”

Gibbon is available to download for free on iPad, but creating playlists is reserved for the website version of the service.