Giant Shark Attacks Discovery HQ

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, one of the most wonderful times for me anyhow. Cable’s longest running event, Shark Week, is right around the corner. Celebrating its 23rd anniversary, the weeklong event kicks off on Sunday, August 1 – the same day Christiane Amanpour takes the reins of ABC’s “This Week.”
To celebrate, Discovery Channel has installed “Chompie,” a giant 446 foot shark on their headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

Fun facts about Chompie after the jump.

The shark is 446 feet long from the tip of its nose to the back of its tail, 113 feet tall from its belly to its dorsal fin, and 200 feet wide from tip to tip of the side fins. If this were a real shark, it would weigh 84,000 pounds!
It took 11,720 yards of fabric to make the shark – that’s 6.65 miles of fabric! It also took 36.7 miles of thread and 3/4 of a mile of seat belt webbing to build the shark.
The shark was installed by a professional rigging company and completed over two nights.
The five pieces (head, two side fins, dorsal fin and tail) were hoisted into place by a crane and tied down by cables and ropes.
Each shark piece averaged 1,280 man-hours to sew the fabric together. That’s 6,400 hours!
The shark must be continuously inflated by air while it is installed or it will fall flat. It takes 10 air blowers blowing 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute to keep the five pieces inflated.