Giant Minion Wreaks Havoc on Dublin

The local government isn't laughing.

Motorists on a busy Dublin, Ireland street encountered a rather surprising roadblock on Monday: a giant, 40-foot inflatable minion.

The Irish Times reports that the huge promotional balloon became detached from its mooring at a nearby fairground during a gust of wind and then landed in the middle of bustling Swords Road.

While it may seem like an amusing and fairly harmless accident, the local City Council is not laughing:

“I don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but if that had landed on a cyclist, for instance, it could have been serious,” said Councilor Paul McAuliffe. ”If you take the Minion part of it out, if this was a large inflatable weather balloon that had not been properly tethered, there would be no humor in this story at all.”

That said, his own tweet about the matter did make clever use of a pun:

See what he did there, spelling error aside?

McAuliffe is in fact taking the matter quite seriously and has referred the incident to the City Council’s planning enforcement department for a full investigation into whether the minion in question should have been subject to planning regulations and whether appropriate health and safety measures were in place.

“It seems like one of those innocent ‘silly season’ stories but I am very concerned that such a large object was allowed escape onto a busy main road. There could have been far more serious consequences,” he said.

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