Writer Drives Digital Truck Through 1980s Movie Plot Holes

Denver radio host, author, and Salon.com contributor David Sirota recently combed over some beloved 1980s movie classics. The trigger for the piece was a revelation by Back to the Future writer Bob Gale.

Sirota runs through ten different big-hair decade cinematic favorites, asking in each case an “Unanswered question,” followed by “What remains unknown” and his “Theory” as to what the plot hole explanation might be. Among his targets are the aforementioned Gale opus, Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and another Michael J. Fox milepost, 1985’s Teen Wolf:

Unanswered Question: How did a wolfman manage to attend high school without media scrutiny and a political firestorm?

Theory: The school board, at the urging of the school’s wolf-hating vice principal Rusty Thorne, briefly considered banning Scott from school. However, Scott’s father, Harold–who had faced similar persecution during his teenage years–was already ready with a federal lawsuit against such a move. In a closed-door meeting immediately after Scott outs himself, Harold threatens the school board with a long drawn out court battle over civil rights statues and the “equal protection” clause of the constitution. The school board quickly relents, citing budget deficits…

Maybe Sirota should team up with that pair of Frenchmen traveling the U.S. to revisit the filming locations of their very similar 1980s hit list. It would probably make for a much more interesting documentary.