Getty Images Encountering Problems W/ Sale?


Remember a few weeks ago, when the New York Times had an OMG! moment and speculated Getty Images was for sale… any day now? Well, not so fast.

The latest word from The Gray Lady is that talks have stalled. We’ll skip over the difficulties with Goldman Sachs and the challenges of journalistic entitites dealing with private equity firms… because, hell — none of us want to read that. Let’s get to the one relevant problem:

We’re a hop, skip and a jump away from a recession and the Wall Street deep wallets are getting skittish.

Which, of course… has some extreme relation when it comes to Yahoo!. But more on them — and that whole can of worms — later.

ObDisc: is part of Jupitermedia, one of Getty’s primary competitors.

(Image via the ICP. Go and learn about Weegee — you can thank us later.)