Getting to Know Min Wang, Design Director of the Beijing Olympics


While we learned earlier this week that designing Olympic mascots can only lead to headaches and multiple heart attacks, over at Icongrada, they’re showing that it’s far better to be the king and at the head of it all. Found by way of Design Info, the online magazine is reprinting, in three parts, an interview that Min Wang, the Design Director for the Beijing Olympics, conducted with Baseline Magazine this past fall (which was previously unavailable online). In part one, we get his whole background, bells, whistles and all. In part two, interviewers Richard Doubleday and Stephen Goldstein talk to Wang about the process of designing for the big event and some of his past work (like designing the font, Mythos, for Adobe in the early 90s). And in the final section, they get into his influences as a designer. It’s a pretty great batch of reading and just the thing to help you get through a long Friday before a holiday weekend.