Getting to Know Klaus Biesenbach Before He Takes Over P.S.1 Next Week


Back just a couple of months ago, we were one of the first to tell you that Klaus Biesenbach had been named the new director of MoMA‘s P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, a position he’ll take on officially next week at the start of the new year. Our pals over at New York were kind enough to drop us a line with their lengthy piece about Biesenbach, “Herr Zeitgeist.” If you weren’t familiar with P.S. 1’s new man in charge, or just vaguely familiar with his name being on signs in front of exhibits at the MoMA, where he’d been serving as chief curator of media and performance art, this piece should provide a nice primer, giving you a complete rundown of how Biesenbach grew from a rural German pop fan to the tops of the NY art scene, as well as why he’s constantly around celebrities:

Biesenbach says he doesn’t seek out the famous. “I’ve now been a curator for twenty years, and it’s perhaps only a given that some of these people you work with…will arrive at a certain state of recognizability,” he says. “I always try to bring these people together.” Ultimately, though, “I think it’s a given if you are interested in excellence.” In other words, don’t hate him for having good taste in people.