Getting to Know Ada Louise Huxtable


We kept meaning to post this, but other things kept popping up and it slipped back down the list. But here we are and everything is well again. So everyone’s favorite architecture critic, Ada Louise Huxtable, sat down for a minute, taking a break from reviewing architecture and writing books, to be interviewed by Phillip Lopate at the NY Times. It’s a great peek into the world of NY’s second most famous Huxtable woman and it’s always terrific to get to know where a critic of high stature is coming from, personally, some of which surely must creep into reviews. Here’s a bit and a good example of why we like her so much:

Huxtable: My view of architecture has not changed. It’s the current scene that has changed. Architecture is a very real and important art; it affects us all so directly. You must judge it in terms of problem-solving in this uneasy, difficult combination of structure and art. My feeling is that criticism is not looking at this — it is treating architecture as eye candy. When you combine new technologies with loosening all the dogmatic rules of modernism, you have opened the world wide to greatness and horror. And that’s what we’re producing now. It’s a terribly mixed bag.