Getting Simple, the MTV Way


The big thing floating around the design-o-blogo-sphere yesterday and today has been the styleguide for MTV. Designed by the London-based agency, Hi-Res, the thing people are talking about was that the thing is just a single page. Granted, we hadn’t really ever seen many styleguides in the past, given that most of our clients in our freelance design lives are wicken bands and groups who collect antique toasters, but once you get a look at another styleguide they post, from GE, which ranks in at some 300 pages, will you fully get the amazement of just a single page. Here’s the quote LifeClever plucked up from Hi-Res:

Our concept was to introduce the simple concept of Hijacking Reality. If MTV and the videos that are shown do not portrait the real world (after all, there’s not much dancing in the streets in general and none of our friends drive Ferraris and sit in Jacussis all day), the way to express the reality of MTV would be to combine two things — reality and another element which would turn it into something new. A simple concept, which we could apply to all forms of communication!