Getting People to Listen is a ‘Gift From the Gods’

Murray Nossel’s company Narativ is all about getting employees to tell stories and, just as important, to listen.

Nossel, a clinical psychologist, started the company in 2000. It’s still a small operation with four staff members and about $250,000 in annual revenue, according to Forbes.

“From a CEO’s point of view, getting people to really listen to one another is a gift from the gods. Then they’ll work together much more effectively,” Bob Fitzpatrick, an adviser with Narativ tells Forbes.

Anna Tavis, a former exec at American International Group (AIG) who worked with the company during the bailout, thinks storytelling training can be useful for crisis communications.

“The human collateral of that crisis–we don’t even yet know what it is,” she said. “We haven’t done the healing… In New York, in financial services, people have to reframe their stories.”