Getting “Lost”

We don’t watch much TV, actually. But we’ll admit, after two weekends spent entirely with iTunes downloads and takeout, we’re addicted to “Lost.” Tonight’s season finale should also fill in a few blanks for the Lost Experience, the cross-media fantasy game that’s got fans foaming at the mouth for clues.

Let’s see, you’ve got the TV ad they aired a few weeks ago that leads you to a website, and a newspaper ad that makes you a bit curious about a book. Then you’ve got hundreds of sites trying to piece the clues together, dozens more trying to muddy the waters, and an ABC “insider” leaking clues, all of which–so far–have lead viewers to…Sprite and Jeep?

Wait. So, the Lost Experience is really just product placement? Wow. They’re smarter than we thought.

Thanks to Nat “Charlie” Bolton and Keith “Jack” Scharwath for links.

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