Getting In To CBS’ ‘MMOD’ Is Madness

The 2007 NCAA tournament tipped off around 12:20PM EST, and for hundred of thousands of college basketball fans stuck at work, it’s been literal madness trying to get into’s March Madness On Demand — seen as a sort of turning point for television on the Web when it debuted last year — to watch the games online.

When FishbowlNY got in MMOD’s digital line around 12:40, we were number 3,711 waiting to get in. By 12:32, some 17,000 were behind us — that’s hotter than a Saturday night at Bungalow 8. A few minutes later, still stuck at 3,711, the line had kicked up to over 90,000.

Had we registered early as a “VIP” — our “number” would’ve been 2,303.

Finally, around 1:05PM, we were whisked past the velvet rope. A quick review:

Inside, three games were available, though one — Texas Tech-Boston College — was “blacked out” due local CBS restrictions. There were Web specific ads — for Courtyard By Marriott — and a halftime show anchored for Web-breaks, and a pretty smooth stream overall. The best feature, though, by far is the “boss button,” which turns the player into a mock spreadsheet in case your boss walks by.


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