Getting Big Before You’re Actually Big


A nice quick read from over at Forty Media: “How Posers Affect Your Business.” It’s sort of a 101 course on the business of creativity, about how some firms rely upon the “look” more than the work and how, ultimately, that can lead to its very undoing. Meaning, in shorthand here, “buying that loft and stuffing it full of expensive furniture and pool tables to try and prove you’re the real deal doesn’t work so well if you aren’t the real deal to begin with.” But that’s just in our own poor words. Forty says it much better and that’s why we’re linking it up and why you should go read it. Here’s some:

What’s interesting about larger companies charging more money isn’t necessarily that they’re better, it’s because everything takes longer and it needs to be paid for. When a client pays a big company a lot of money, it’s rarely for the expertise to get to the end product — it’s for the time they get to spend making sure everyone is comfortable and happy with the decisions. This can break a small company that’s not prepared for the time and energy involved in managing the people instead of the product.

Looking bigger not only changes the stakes, it also significantly changes the expertise needed to succeed…If you want to look big, make sure you know what the people looking for big expect. I can almost guarantee it’s not even remotely close to what you do now.