Getting A Jump On NYTBR‘s Summer Reading Issue

The New York Times Book Review‘s Summer Reading issue will be out this weekend, and, as GalleyCat notes, it’s the third themed Review in as many weeks — following Food and Fiction — and fourth of 2006.

And while you won’t under any circumstances find us reading Life and Lessons at the World’s Premier School for Exotic Animal Trainers, there are a few among the 20-plus the Review reviewed we might pick up. That is, after we finish what we didn’t last summer.

And about that Fiction issue: in the Letters section, a visiting professor in the mathematics department at Penn (read: HUGE nerd) calls into question the Review‘s methodology of picking the 25 Best American Works of Fiction of the last 25 years. “It appears the methodology used in the poll of literati was to ask each person to choose one novel as the best published since 1980. This is not a reliable statistical technique. Far more robust would be to ask each individual for a list of the top three novels in order of preference.”

Take that, Reviewers!

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