Getting A Human At The NYS DOL

Let’s say you’re on unemployment and you want to do some freelancing. We already know this is an incredibly delicate, arbitrary and complicated situation.

Let’s say you need to reach a human to get confirmation that you’re not going to lose your benefits for making $20 at Demand Studios…

The 405 Club has put together a guide for NY state residents to help you get to a human on the other end of the line. (Our recommendation: Do this twice and talk to two different humans. If you get the same answer, great; if you hear conflicting stories, proceed with caution.)

Call 1-888-209-8124. Then:
Press 1 for English

#9 Go to Main Menu

#4 Question regarding a claim you already filed

Enter SS# and press 1 to verify correct

Enter your Pin #

Wait for additional menu options

Press#5 for all other questions

#3 for information on the status of your claim

#4 for other questions

Hold for next available agent.