GetGlue Social Recommendation Site Rolls Out Taste Neighbors

Of course I wouldn’t expect that all of you knew social recommendation site GetGlue because to be honest I discovered the site pretty recently. Anyway, to give you a brief background of GetGlue, the site is described as an innovative social recommendation network for movies, books, and music – three things which a normal human being like you and me definitely digs and most often than not get glued on.

With that explained, lets move on now to the latest updates from the GetGlue site. And this is being branded as Taste Neighbors which is described as a complimentary set of interesting people that you have lot of common with.

Glue will start calculating Taste Neighbors for you for each categegory where you liked 50 or more things. The more you like more movies, books or music, Glue will figure out other members who have same time as your when it comes to movies, books or music. You will them, your taste neighbors in the sidebar of your home and profile pages.

To make it easier for you to subscribe to neighbors, Glue will also display them in various categories – Top Boop Neighbors, Top Stars Neighbors, Top Movie Neighbors, Top Shows Neighbors, and Top Artist Neighbors.

Glue also rolls out the “Things in Common” profile view. This cool feature lets you view the things that you and your neighbor have in common. This profile is also available for other Glue users as well. Â  To get to this view, visit the profile page, select specific category, like movies or books and then click the Things in Common toggle. On neighbor profiles you will also have a shortcut in the sidebar, under the Things in Common section.

So there instant, people-powered suggestions based on your tastes. If you haven’t checked out GetGlue yet, I suggest you visit their site now.

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