GetGlue Brings TV Check-Ins To iPad; Introduces FOX, HBO, Showtime and More

GetGlue, an entertainment check-in network, has announced their iPad application that allows users to check-in to movies, games, books and more. The new application is interoperable with the current iPhone and Android versions, and is a follow up to the iPhone version, which we enjoyed back in June. The question is whether GetGlue will be able to compete with competitors like Philo, Miso and others.

The strongest element of GetGlue’s offering is their community and recommendation systems. The application feels vibrant and reminds me a bit of a younger Yelp, in the sense that you’re looking at tastemakers’ opinions and ‘votes’ for their favorite shows through their use of check-ins. The fact that GetGlue works for other media than just TV also means that it feels like a great home for keeping track of what you read, watch, listen to and play.

Check out more information about GetGlue below and let us know what you think about GetGlue in the comments.

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