GetGlue Expands To The Entire Internet

Get Glue, the social network centered around peer-recommendations, which we’ve reported on before, is introducing a powerful new update today: an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that will enable Get Blue users to access Get Glue anywhere on the Web where a link to Amazon, IMDB, Wikipedia and a number of other sites appears.

This may be a little hard to understand if you haven’t played with Get Glue before–Here’s what Get Glue says: “Glue checks links on the page you are visiting and when it recognizes a book, a movie, an album, a star or a topic it inserts a small icon next to the link. When you hover over the icon you will see Glue Tip packed with conversations, previews, pictures, videos, trailers, ratings, reviews and more.” The plug-ins launched at noon today.

As you can see from the image, what this means is that if you install the plug-in and are a Get Glue member, a little “G” will appear next to links to various Websites. Mousing over the links opens a pop-up with access to your Get Glue account and ways of connecting to your network about whatever content you’re looking at. This is very cool–it expands a social network to the whole Web, taking you way off the Get Glue page. Whether or not Get Glue is for you, it’s a cool way of rethinking access to the Web. Here’s a detailed explanation from Get Glue, plus a demo.