Get Your Thank On

Hotline has asked various DC types what they’re thankful for this year. Here are the media folks…

    “Attack The Messenger” author Craig Crawford: “I am thankful to Rush Limbaugh for trashing my book.”

    ABC News’ David Chalian: “I am thankful that the daily number of Chuck Schumer-related press releases in my inbox will likely diminish from double digits to single digits over the holiday weekend.”

    ABC Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas: “Late last year, my father died. His death was a painful reminder of just how precious life truly is and how every moment we have should be valued. So as I look at life and see that my lovely wife and son are in good health. I am indeed very thankful. Very thankful.”

    Capitol File editor Anne Schroeder: “I’m thankful for a few days off (in theory).”

    CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley: “I’m glad the question is about ‘most grateful’ because all I have to be grateful for would fill the pages of The Hotline on Election Day. So, what am I most grateful for? No contest — my children — ever and always.”

    FNC Washington correspondent James Rosen: “I used to love ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ … but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Nowadays, I hardly ever get to enjoy Charlie Brown and I seldom get to enjoy Thanksgiving with beloved family. My Thanksgiving is usually spent in Crawford, Texas, with the White House press corps, who are neither beloved nor family. But we find solace in each other’s company, and usually scrape together a better meal than the bounty of popcorn and toast produced by Snoopy and Woodstock, when they were foolishly entrusted with the holiday catering.”

    FNC news correspondent Molly Henneberg: “My mother and her sisters make everyone in the family (about 40 of us) go around the table and say what we are thankful for about the person sitting on our right. A couple of years ago, my 5-year old cousin was on my left, and he said, ‘I’m thankful for Molly because … um … she laughs a lot and she likes news.’ It was so cute.”

    Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “I am thankful for my Thanksgiving trip to sunny Florida.”

    Washington Post’s Dana Milbank: “I am thankful for Dennis Kucinich.”

    Bloomberg DC bureau Chief Al Hunt: “Meghan Goddard who pretends she works for me while protecting me from myself.”

    New York Daily News’s Lloyd Grove: “I am thankful that I’ve never taken a punch from Bob Novak.

    ABC’s Teddy Davis: “I’m thankful that we now know — compliments of the Washington Post’s magnificent Mark Leibovich — that Gov. Mark Warner’s (D-VA) sizable teeth are real though whitened.”

    CNN’s Bill Schneider: “I am thankful people still talk to polltakers. Oh, and for the fact that 2008 is likely to be the first presidential election since 1952 with no incumbent President or Vice President running.”

    Dallas Morning News’s Carl Leubsdorf: “I’m thankful for Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Harriet Miers, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Without them, what would a political columnist write about in a non-election year?”

    NBC’s Elizabeth Wilner: “For the continued good health of my colleagues in Iraq, and for (Americans United to Protect Social Security spokesperson Brad) Woodhouse’s e-mails, not necessarily in that order.”

    ABC WH correspondent Jessica Yellin: I’m thankful I’ll be in Waco for Thanksgiving. Their B-b-q is almost as good as Mongolia’s.”