Get your juice on what to read next at Juicespot

Don’t know what to read next? Got no idea what to order at Juicespot will give you the fix.

Juicespot is an online community where you could get the juice on what book to read next. If you are a bookworm or a voracious reader, Juicespot can definitely help you with the slew of opinion, recommendation and reviews of fellow book lovers who are members of Juicespot. Even better, those opinion, recommendation and reviews are not your usual
lengthy paragraphs of deep analysis of books but five lines or less of snippets of a book’s essence or topics which is enough to convince you to buy or read a certain book title.


Aside from offering the juices worthwhile books, Juicespot also gives you your own little Juicespot space – My Juicespot. With your “My Juicespot”, you can compile a list of opinions that you have written, opinions that others have written, and you create your own list of “My Gotta Reads”. In short, this little space allows you to organize your reading schedule.

Sounds neat eh? Wait, there’s more. Juicespot also has a weekly feature on thought provoking article written by well, Juicespot members. You can disagree or agree on the featured article or even start a side discussion.

This plus other features of Juicespot such as “Who Let the Critic In”, “Poll of the Day”, “New This Week Ticker” and even direct-to-Amazon order facility, all make the Juicespot a full-featured, web 2.0/social community website.

and Shelfari will definitely have a good competitor in Juicespot.