Get to Know George S. – the Man, the Husband, the Friend

Critics question whether GMA’s newest host, George Stephanopoulos can loosen up and stop being so tightly politically wound after years in politics and then host of ABC’s “This Week.”

This morning the show attempted to show another side to him and had Stephanopoulos’s family and friends check in about the “man behind the journalist.”

“I’d say if you could boil his IQ to Fahrenheit you could boil water,” joked Democratic strategist and longtime friend James Carville.

“The last name Stephanopoulous is the bain of my existence,” says wife, Ali Wentworth, who says she still has to think when spelling the name.

Some things you might not know about George S.:

1. He’s not a good driver.
2. He has “the cheesiest” taste in music.
3. You won’t find him at the Home Depot.
4. He sings Hannah Montana songs.

See video below.