Get The Full Version Of Documents To Go For Free Today On Amazon

Much has been written about how the Kindle Fire is essentially a portable door to the Amazon store. I think today’s free app on the Amazon Appstore clearly shows the strength of the ecosystem behind the Kindle Fire. Today you can get a free copy of a license key for the full version of Documents To Go, which normally costs $14.99.

We all love to get stuff for free and you can bet that a free app worth $14.99 will get people’s attention. While some might be comfortable just loading up on the free apps, I am sure there will be plenty of people who will browse and pick up other items that they just might spend a few dollars in the store.

One thing that does surprise me, however is that Amazon did not build a notification service on the Fire that tells people about the free app of the day. I have an app on my Nexus S that checks the Amazon Appstore every day to find out the free app on that day and displays a notification with the name of the app. It surprises me that Amazon didn’t either bundle that app or write their own to drive traffic to their store. I doubt users would find the notification to be intrusive, and particularly won’t mind when the free app is as valuable as Documents To Go.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Documents To Go is a suite of productivity apps for mobile devices that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation app that can read and write to Microsoft Office file formats. A similar app called Quickoffice is included on the Kindle Fire, but it can only view MS Office documents. Documents To Go also works with Google Docs and you can synchronize files with personal computers running the desktop version of the app.

To take advantage of Amazon’s offer you will need to install two apps from the Amazon Appstore. First is the free, read only version of Documents To Go, the other is the full version license key, which is today’s free app of the day from Amazon. The license key adds the ability to edit documents to the app. As I am writing this article there is still over five hours left on the free offer from Amazon.