Get the Dog Already (Part III)

It’s day three of DogBowl 2010. There are no signs of the race for cutest dog in Washington ceasing anytime soon. We go on until the last dog is standing (so to speak).

We’re truly shocked by the sheer number of Washington journalists willing to submit their pooches for public review and the ensuing fierce, competitive nature of the race. Have a dog you think is so cute you can barely stand it? Send in the picture to or directly to

Meet DNC National Press Secretary Hari Sevugan‘s dog, Sandberg. He writes, “I’m attaching a couple pics of my pup. He’s notoriously press shy, but I feel compelled to flack for him anyway.  He’s a Beagle/Cattle dog mix named after Ryne Sandberg, the Hall of Fame second baseman – and now out of work – former Chicago Cub.  He prefers chicken flavored treats more than beef, and is fond of marking his territory.” During the course of the day, FishbowlDC got tied up in other posts. Sevugan wrote in again with a plea, saying, “My pup is getting a lot of shit from all his pup (and one ferret) friends for not making the cut. :(”  Meet Sandberg below. Apologies to him for the delay in showcasing him. The slight wasn’t intentional.

> Update #1: Uh oh. There appears to be a new sheriff in town in this contest and his name is Rudy Walsh, the pup belonging to Brian Walsh, Comm director for the NRSC. He writes in, “As a sign that the campaign between the two parties never ends, we couldn’t let Hari’s submission go unresponded to. The unofficial mascot of the NRSC press office is min-pin Rudy Walsh (named after the former Notre Dame player who was also small but scrappy). While at times, I wish he was more press shy like Sandberg, Rudy comes to the office every day where he spends his day guarding the NRSC’s third floor communications wing and posing for pictures on the desks of co-workers who leave their offices unattended. The political unit did enact a measure of revenge for that though at the end of the cycle by distributing a misleading piece of attack literature on him (see second picture below)– but undeterred, Rudy is still on duty even today, a week after the election.” Meet Rudy below.

More Rudy

> Update #2: Here comes Deacon, another contestant. His proud owner is TBD‘s Senior Community Host Jeff Sonderman. “He’s a shoe-in,” says Sonderman. Meet Deacon below.

> Update #3: Oh my. Julius the poodle is being petitioned into the race via Twitter. So before things get ugly, meet Julius. His owner is Mike Sager, director of New Media for the Voter Activation Network. Julius apparently sometimes hangs out with Henry the Westie, whom we featured yesterday.

> Update #4: The next dog to hit the FishbowlDC runway is Louis Armstrong, the Maltese puppy of Washington Examiner‘s Katy Adams. Meet Armstrong below.