Get Satisfaction Now iPhone Friendly for Companies with Paid Plans

Get Satisfaction provides businesses a third-party web-based customer support service. The service got an HTML5 mobile makeover this week. Businesses with paid plans now have a mobile Get Satisfaction presence for customers who use an iPhone or iPod touch.

Introducing Get Satisfaction Mobile

Visiting the Get Satisfaction area of a company with a paid plan should result in a mobile friendly view for the company’s customers. The new web design features a minimum typing and tapping philosophy that brings:

– Relevant topics displayed by default
– The ability to easily ask a question
– A single tap to join a conversation

End-users can login to the site using Facebook Connect, Google authentication or a Get Satisfaction login. Information about the mobile device being used is captured automatically. While only iOS devices are currently supported, Get Satisfaction’s blog notes that Android browser support is coming soon.

I should note that I could not find a single support area that displayed the mobile view on my iPhone 4. I tried Ford, Maytag and Microsoft as test cases.