Get Rid of Twitter Trend Spam with Clean Tweets

We’ve all seen it. Hijacked Twitter trends that display tweet upon tweet that claim to let you “find out who your top Twitter stalkers are!” and want you to “check out this CRAZY YouTube video.” These tweets are often jam-packed with four to eight different trending topics at once, and include the requisite link to spam, porn, or a virus. But there is a way around all of this spam – Clean Tweets.

Clean Tweets is a downloadable app that combats Twitter search and trending topic spam. It eliminates the spam accounts and provides you with a cleaner search timeline.

It does this by attacking spammers on three levels:

  • By automatically deleting any tweets from accounts that are less than 24 hours old
  • By eliminating tweets from anyone who includes 3 or more trending topics
  • By giving you the option to permanently remove a spammer from displaying tweets

That means that tweets like this:

won’t get through to you, and you’ll be free to see what people are really saying about why they wouldn’t date a girl.

All of Clean Tweets’ options are customizable, so you can choose to not see tweets from accounts that are 24 hours old, 48 hours old or 2 weeks old. You can also choose to ignore anyone who includes just 2 trending topics in their tweets, to really get rid of the spammers.

Clean Tweets works because spammers all tend to use the same techniques: they includes their spammy links with a tweet stuffed to the brim with trending topics, so they get them in front of as many eyeballs as possible, and they tend to use bots to auto-create Twitter accounts constantly. By eliminating tweets that contain multiple trending topics and those that are newer, Clean Tweets really frees up your search results and trending topics timeline for the real tweets.