Get ready to guide meerkats to safety in Meerkatz Challenge on iOS

Travian Games has announced the development of its upcoming puzzle platformer Meerkatz Challenge on iOS. The game is described as “familiar, yet challenging,” and will see users guiding a group of meerkats to safety through levels filled with obstacles.

The game will offer more than 50 levels at launch, with each taking players through the African landscape to find a home for their furry friends. The Meerkatz come with special abilities, like gliding, jumping, running and digging, but these come in limited quantities, so players will need to determine which abilities to use (as well as where and when) in order to successfully complete each stage.

meerkatz 650

What’s more, levels in Meerkatz Challenge are timed, adding more challenge to the setup. Users earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their performance. This should encourage repeat play, as users work to decrease their total time and earn missed stars.

Meerkatz Challenge is set to release on iOS on July 24. After launch, the game will be updated with additional levels and locations, as the Meerkatz begin a trip around the world to find some much-needed rest.

In the meantime, interested players can learn more (and enter a contest) on the game’s official Facebook fan page. Check back soon for more.

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