Get Ready: New ‘Cool’ Stuff at Politico

Politico’s Managing Editor Bill Nichols sent out a praiseworthy internal memo this morning with lots of kisses. SWAK. SWAK. SWAK. For starters, Breaking News team editor Gregg Birnbaum gets a huge round of applause from top brass not to mention a promotion. Well, of course that depends on what you think a promotion is. He now gets to edit Charles Manson Dylan Byers on his media coverage and will become Deputy Managing Editor as they bring on a deputy for the Breaking News team.

In other news, Politico plans to use Birnbaum to implement new ways to present “cool” content in the coming days. There’s also a new phrase we’ve not seen before — “Politico DNA.” Uh oh. Are they going to start injecting us with a special serum?

See the full internal memo, and Gregg, best of luck with Dylan. We hear he’s quite a handful who may or may not look like Patrick Dempsey (“McDreamy”) in real life…


It’s become clear to everyone that while the rest of us are just getting our days started, there’s a group of POLITICOs who are already moving at hyper speed – and that’s the Breaking News team run by Gregg Birnbaum.

The tremendous work done by Gregg and his staff has been one of the real success stories of recent months for our publication. And we want to formally recognize the key role Gregg is playing with the announcement that, going forward, he’ll be a Deputy Managing Editor with expanded responsibilities.

That doesn’t mean Gregg will be moving away from Breaking News in any way; quite the contrary, he’ll remain a very hands-on editor. But in coming weeks and months, he’ll be joined by a deputy Breaking News editor who will allow Gregg to assume some added duties that should mean more success stories for POLITICO. For starters, he’ll be helping out with our media coverage by editing Dylan Byers and we also hope  to continue the work he’s been doing with Danielle in recent months to experiment with some innovative –  and very readable – new ways to present cool POLITICO content.

Everyone who met Gregg when he initially talked to us about moving to POLITICO felt  he was a natural for this place. And what he’s done since he came on board has confirmed that. He’s created  a new unit that  is now the entry point for new staffers who want to understand the POLITICO DNA and we’re grateful that he’s going to  bring that  energy and focus and journalistic street smarts to other areas of the newsroom.

John, Jim, Bill, Danielle and Craig