Get Ready For The Inaugural Data Journalism Awards

The Global Editors Network, along with search engine titan Google, recently announced the creation of the Data Journalism Awards at this year’s News World Summit in Hong Kong. The awards will validate what is undoubtedly the future of modern journalism: the correlation of trends using data analysis.

The objectives set forth by GEN and Google for the inaugural event are simple:

  • Award the editorial excellence of data journalism
  • Contribute to set the standards of data journalism
  • Promote data journalism among editors and media executives
  • Enhance the collaboration between journalists, developers and designers

The partnership between GEN and Google for this event is a match made in heaven. GEN’s primary goal is to empower colleagues looking for the preservation of editorial quality when working with publishers, media owners and news suppliers. And when it comes to working with and presenting data, Google reigns supreme. This year alone, we’ve covered three great data management and visualization tools from Google: Google Refine, Google Public Data Explorer, and Google Chart Wizard.

Six prizes will be presented during the Data Journalism Awards ceremony, and each winner will receive $10,000. Awards will be granted by GEN and GEN partners, as well as an international jury of experts and editors. Categories for the awards include data-driven investigations, interactive data visualizations, and data-driven mobile or web applications or services. There will also be two sub-categories for national and international news organizations, as well as regional and hyperlocal media outlets.

The Data Journalism Awards will take place in Paris during the 2012 News World Summit on May 30, 2012, with awards being presented on June 1, 2012. A dedicated website for the awards will be launched in January 2012, but you can find out more information about the event by contacting Antoine Laurent, deputy director for the Global Editors Network.