Get Ready For “Hardball” Tonight


Lots of Washingtonians are eagerly awaiting tonight’s “Hardball” 10th Anniversary party. Naturally, we want you all to send us your thoughts, observations and (of course) photos. But to hold you over…

  • Look for Kathleen Matthews on “Hardball” tonight (“Eat the Press” calls it “Heartball“)

  • The show puts out a release promoting its ratings success.

  • And what do you think about this anonymous tip?

      There is a some party for the show ‘hardball’ tomorrow night and the big photo op of it is that many of the women coming are being asked to wear stiletos as a show of solidarity –because Chris Matthews was recently diadnosed with RLS restless legs syndrome. Its not the Rockettes but should be good

    UPDATE: Oh darn. A MSNBC insider says, “Funny, but not true.”