Get Off Your Couch! Angry Birds Magic Places Adding Geo-location to the Game

Soon it will not be enough to sit on your couch and happily fling your Angry Birds at evil green pigs or nasty monkeys. The new “Magic Places” feature ties physical locations in the real world to rewards in the game. It appears to be closer to geo-caching where you need to hunt for specific places to get rewarded than Foursquare where every and any location is a check-in opportunity.

Angry Birds to conjure some location Magic [Video] (Gigaom)

‘Angry Birds’ will bring ‘Magic Places’ to real world (MSNBC)

The geo-location Magic Places feature will be added to all current Angry Birds games through updates at some point in the future.

A NFC (Near Field Communicaitons) powered version of Magic was rolled out earlier this year in partnership with Nokia during its C7 smartphone launch. This earlier version of Magic was promixity based (near another C7 running Angry Birds Magic).

Angry Birds Magic hatches at WIMA (Nokia Conversations)