7 Tools To Get Off Facebook Without Quitting

Updating Facebook content while offsite is so hot we've got a sequel post showcasing seven applications that keep you social even when you're not logged on.

We recently looked at eight different tools that offer the opportunity to update your Facebook status even when you are away from the site. Now we’re back with a sequel post, showcasing another seven applications that keep you social even when you’re not logged on. Check out our list, plus the previous one, and if you think we missed any apps, please let us know in the comments section.


Conveniently have messages, desktop notification alerts, chat options, and a News Feed available in one click with the help of social network management program Digsby. Try out the application, and constantly keep your social network close by.


HelloTxt lets you post updates across your range of social networks, helping you keep up with conversations and organize your online presence.


In just three simple steps, have a full conversation placed in your post as an alternative to a screenshot, using Socialditto.


Emoticon application Facemoods recently announced the ability to take Facebook chat outside of the site using a simple button.


Run your Facebook page or profile through email using TheFriendMail. Send out updates, links, and even request to read your news feed through using the service.


RockMelt is an Internet browser that prominently features icons from Facebook using convenient toolbars surrounding the screen.

LCG Photobook

Lonely Cats Game brings you a service that simplifies the process of adding your camera phone pictures to Facebook. See whether your phone is compatible with the application here.