HOWTO: Get More Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

For many, Twitter is still a numbers game. Since the platform first opened it doors back in July 2006 a lot of users have been obsessed with accumulating as many followers as possible, often at the expense of basic social media essentials such as engagement and usability.

While it’s true that tactics such as churning and mass-following do ‘work’, inasmuch as your followers number will rise, the value of networks built in this way is at or close to zero, often because they’re made up of thousands of other churners and mass-followers.

And if you’re one of the frighteningly high number of users who fall foul of the many Twitter bad habits, there’s every chance that each time you update on Twitter all you’re doing is putting more people off.

For maximum results (and unless you’re a celebrity), followers always need to be attracted organically, and at a natural pace. As I’ve been saying since way back (and most recently here), it doesn’t matter how many followers you have if nobody is paying attention to any of your tweets. It’s much better to have 100 people hanging on your every word than 100,000 who couldn’t pick your avatar out of a lineup.

This infographic from Twiends gives you tips and pointers on how to grow your Twitter following.

(Source: Twiends. Image credit: MANSUROVA YULIA via Shutterstock.)