Get More Out Of Your Phone And Camera

If you are the adventurous type and not afraid to do some customization to your smartphone, you can get more out of your phone, particularly if it is not the most current model on the market, by installing a custom ROM. The process involves gaining special access to the phone by what is called rooting so that you can customize the software that is on the phone. PC World has a great article that provides information about rooting Android phones and jailbreaking iPhones.

Android users frustrated that the current version of the mobile operating system is not available for their phone should take note, because you can use this process to upgrade your phone before your carrier makes the upgrade available. You will find links in the PC World article to instructions and software to root your phone and obtain custom ROMs that not only upgrade the Android software but also include features that Google doesn’t even include in that version of Android.

For example, the CyanogenMod ROM can upgrade a myTouch 3G to Android 2.1 and it includes Wi-Fi tethering to make the myTouch 3G a portable hotspot. iPhone 3G and 3GS owners can jailbreak their phones to add tethering, Android-style notifications and more. The article also includes some do-it-yourself projects for digital cameras to try infrared photography, macro photography, and stabilize photos.