How To Get More Clicks On Twitter [STUDY]

How do you get more clicks on the links that you share on Twitter?

How about using as a few characters as possible? Or placing links at the beginning of your tweets? Maybe you should tweet constantly throughout the day, at a furious pace. Or perhaps maintaining a passive-aggressive stance, using the word ‘marketing’ all the time, is the right way to go.

Or maybe that’s everything that you shouldn’t do.

This new study takes a look at the ways that you can improve your clickthrough rate (CTR) on Twitter. Dan Zarrella analysed more than 200,000 link-containing tweets, calculating their CTR as the number of clicks on a tweeted link divided by the number of followers of the account.

Key takeaways to boost your Twitter CTR:

  • Write tweets between 120-130 characters in length
  • Place links about 25% into the tweet
  • Tweet at a slower pace
  • Choose the right words and phrases
  • Use action words

Note: while there is some value in this data, there are no hard and fast rules for how you should tweet, as it’s largely different strokes for different folks (although I do recommend some guidelines). Celebrities can get away with almost anything (literally), while the new guy can do everything ‘right’ and still not get any clicks. It’s as much about the quality and size of your audience as it is anything else – on Twitter, engagement is king – but if you’re looking to boost your CTR, you should absolutely be experimenting with different styles, link placements and prose.

(Source: Dan ZarrellaTop image credit: kovaleff via Shutterstock.)

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