Get In Style With StyleCaster

stylecasterAre you concerned with what the ‘new black’ is? If your answer is yes, you need to know about Stylecaster, a Website launched earlier this year that helps you stand out from the crowd. Or, at the very least, look like you’re part of the ‘in crowd.’

Coupling style-based content with a shopping community creates an experience that is unique to each user. Based on your preferences and history, you are presented with items (clothes, accessories, beauty products) that the system has selected for you. These can be purchased online 24/7.

As you browse the style network, if you see someone who has a style you are fond of, you can select them so that they begin to influence the things you see on the site…and eventually wear.

“My Forecast” is a 7 day outlook that includes weather and events, allowing you to select the right fashion for the coming week.

The “15 Minutes of Fame” section can get your fashion prowess featured on the Website.

Videos, fashion news, and tons of images and deals round out StyleCaster.

The site is currently in beta and you can register using your Facebook credentials.

The social network helps personalize and enhance your shopping experience. Give it a try!