Get Grid Images Based on Interests

10 by 10There have been a number of applications on Facebook that enable you to place image grids on your profile that help describe you. I previous reviewed the GridView application which generates a grid of your friends’ profile images. Since then there have been a number of copy cats. This most recent application, generates a grid of your friends, photos, favorite movies, music, books and t.v. shows. While the application is pretty simple, it does generate some pretty cool grids.

Another cool feature is the AJAX overlay that appears when you click on each of the images (as pictured below). The 10×10 application is monetized via the Amazon affiliate program. The Amazon affiliate program has become a standard form of application monetization and has been extremely lucrative for some. If you want to visualize your interests then check out the 10 x 10 application.

10 by 10 Large Screenshot