Get Facebook Likes With Momentus Mobile Coupons

Momentus Media has launched, an application that creates coupons that entice people to click "like" on a Facebook page.

Momentus Media has jumped into the Deals arena with the launch of, an application that creates coupons to get people to “like” a Facebook page.

So far, the application has no visible fees for page administrators, who can create their own coupons by going to the web address
The site connects to your Facebook profile to obtain your page(s) and if you have more than one, asks you which one you wish to promote.
You get to decide whatever you want to offer in exchange for a “like,” along with whether you want to collect the email addresses of those who click.
The address for your promotion will show up at an address that begins with — and the resulting coupon looks good on both mobile devices and computer screens alike.
Have you tried this new application, and if so, what do you think of it?