Get Crafty: Knitting and Crochet Trend Hits Home Decor

pph_9980_l.jpg While it’s not exactly, this USA Today story looks at how the knitting (and crochet) trend has surfaced in the home decor arena, beginning with Alyssa Ettinger’s pottery. Of’s crochet table, author Carla Sinclair says:

‘Most people think of crochet, they think of handmade clothes and blankets. It’s a challenge to crochet something that looks as chic and modern as this table.”

We personally love this table, enough though it’s been a while since this writer has whipped out her crochet hook and has hard enough time finishing up little items like hats let alone large pieces of furnishings.

Sinclair was also effusive about a light by and other designers. Check it out!