Get Caught Up On The Walking Dead In Eight Minutes

While the SocialTimes staff is enjoying their weekend, take a few moments to catch up on one of the best shows on television: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is back tonight. It’s a great show. I can pretend to make a point here about the marketing lessons you can learn from The Walking Dead, but I seriously hate blog posts like that. They’re kind of annoying*. Like the one that ran on LinkedIN Today about the marketing lessons you can learn from Walter White on Breaking Bad. Did you see that bullshit? Whoever writes a post like that has no soul and is just looking to suck any last remaining joy they can out of society. (I’m mostly kidding. But still. C’MON!)

So we’re not going to run stuff like that here at SocialTimes. We are just going to share with you awesome things. No strings attached. And hey, we’re even going to do you a favor. The video above from Screen Junkies will catch you up completely on the series. So if you want to see what everyone is talking about, but you’re totally freaked out by zombies and refuse to watch the actual show? This video has you covered.

Enjoy the video, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

*I would totally read a column about how awful a CEO The Governor would be. I may just write a column like that for laughs.