Get Carter: Pentagram’s 2008 Calendar Features Matthew Carter’s Typefaces

Pentagram calendar.jpgIt’s December 26th, 2007, do you know where your Pentagram 2008 Classic Typographic Calendar is? Designed by Pentagram partner Kit Hinrichs, this year’s calendar sets each month in a different Matthew Carter typeface. According to Pentagram’s blog, the chosen dozen include Walker (originally designed in 1995 for the Walker Art Center) and Snell Roundhand (a 1966 revival of 17th-century English writing master Charles Snell).

Over at the blog of Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones, where the item was among their top Typographic Gifts for Designers, Hoefler comments on another vintage year for the Pentagram Calendar:

We’ll forever be partial to the 2006 edition, for which Pentagram commissioned us to design twelve new fonts of numbers; we subsequently added three additional styles, anticipating of course the post-revolutionary 15-month calendar under which all earthlings will unite in observance of Hoefluary, Frerember, and Jonesember. (Reminder: font licenses must be paid in full by Tribute Day, Hoefluary 15.)

Meanwhile, 2008 kicks off with the month of January set in Carter’s Galliard (a 1978 anthology of Roman and Italian styles of French punch-cutter Robert Granjon), so you won’t want to miss a single day. Order your calendar here, in a size suitable for your desk at $22 or for $14 dollars more, supersize it!