Get Bay Area News on the Go with TapIn Bay Area

With 26% of American adults getting some form of news via their mobile phones, news organizations must adapt their content to reach their audience right on their handsets. Tackable is one of the latest offerings to the mobile photojournalism platform, and it combines hyperlocal news, user-generated content, and social gaming mechanics into a sleek suite of iOS apps called TapIn Bay Area.

Tackable's first iPad application, TapIn Bay Area

Tackable is a live photojournalism platform with a very interesting workflow for delivering news. Reporters and editors create photo assignments for users, and users complete those assignments using their mobile devices. Users can also send in their own photos to help reporters create articles faster based on what’s happening in a particular area.

Think of Tackable as a social network that maps user-generated local news. So far, the service has been a hit in the San Francisco Bay Area where Tackable is based. The service is trusted by over two dozen newspapers owned by MediaNews Group in the Bay Area, including the San Jose Mercury News, the Contra Costa Times, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and the San Mateo County Times.

The gaming mechanics behind Tackable’s application, TapIn Bay Area, are the real draw for the application. Uploading photos and completing assignments earns you points, which can in turn be used for discount vouchers and other deals. The Spartan Daily application, one of Tackable’s test implemetations, turns users into roving reporters and makes the discovery of news into a real-world scavenger hunt. Users are rewarded for participation, and editors and reporters gather news from several active sources. By partnering with newspapers, Tackable can utilize the papers’ audiences as a stable audience base for the app.

Tackable’s Bay Area-centered application, TapIn Bay Area is currently available for both iPhone and iPad.