Get An iPhone Without The Phone

While Todd stood in line for more than four hours to get his iPad 2, I walked in to my local Best Buy this past weekend and bought a 32 GB iPod Touch. Apple sells the iPod Touch as a media player, but the truth is that it is a Personal Digital Assistant that runs just about all of the apps that you can run on an iPhone. In fact, one can think of the iPod Touch as an iPhone without a phone, and for a much less total cost of ownership.
A 32 GB iPod Touch retails for $299, which is the same price as the 32 GB iPhone 4 from AT&T and Verizon. I actually paid less because Best Buy had the iPod Touch on sale for $274 and I had $25 in Reward Zone dollars to use, so I walked out the store after paying $249. Both the AT&T and Verizon prices are with two year contracts, and the cheapest monthly AT&T plan will cost $54.99 for a total cost of $1,618.76; the cheapest Verizon plan is $69.98 per month, making the total cost of the Verizon phone $1,978.52.
The new 4th generation iPod Touch replaces the first generation iPod Touch that I have been using since Apple first released it in September 2007. I decided to buy the new iPod so that I could run latest iPhone apps and use iTunes Home Sharing to stream music on my Mac Mini to our living room stereo.
One of the first things I did was try Facetime, which I never used before, to chat with Todd while he was relaxing in the backyard of his home in Hawaii. I’ve got to admit, Facetime is a wonderful app, and I was amazed by the quality of the video and audio. If travel frequently and Skype has been too difficult to use, it may be worthwhile to by two of the 8 GB iPod Touches just to use Facetime.
The point is that the iPod Touch is a great mobile device at a reasonable price with which you can participate in the iPhone ecosystem.