Get A Quarter Each Time You Forward A Resume

flickr: adam*b has just launched a new referral service that allows jobseekers to send their resumes to employees at their preferred companies and pay a nominal fee ($1) if the employee passes the resume to a hiring manager. That employee then gets 25 cents, cheezhead reports.

Is this really going to work? CEO Mark Thomas said that Workyourcareer developed the service to circumvent the “black hole” where resumes disappear into an HR void never to be seen again. But if an employee’s getting paid to send the resume, what hiring manager would take that seriously?

Yes, it’s only a quarter, but forwarding a resume takes about 4.3 seconds and one e-mail. Lots of underpaid desk jockeys would take that any day, even if it meant annoying the people in HR who manage their benefits and retirement plans.